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Business Valuation


Performing expert business valuation services, economic damages analyses, matrimonial accounting, and alternative dispute resolution financial services.

In valuing petitioner's shares in [Company], the Court begins with the analysis supplied by DeMarco, which the Court finds persuasive, credible and well-supported..."
New York State Supreme Court Decision
[Excerpted and Emphasis added]

Business Valuation

Privately held businesses are valued for purposes of litigation, gift and estate, acquisitions, divorce, and various other purposes.

Matrimonial Accounting

Forensic accounting services in divorce include lifestyle analyses, tracing of "marital" and "separate" assets, tax analyses, quantifying income, and forecasting net worth.

Economic Damages

Quantifying damages for commercial litigation, intellectual property, personal injury, lost income, and other purposes.

Collaborative Divorce & Financial Mediation / Arbitration

Working with attorneys and mediators as a financial neutral to help resolve matters in creative ways that lessen the emotional and monetary costs of divorce.

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