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New York State Supreme Court Decision:


Performing forensic accounting and financial consulting in a divorce is a very specialized area in which Equitable Value has years of experience in settlement negotiations, expert witness testimony, and collaborative divorce matters. 


Prepared for litigation, settlement, mediation, and collaborative divorce purposes, the following services assist clients in resolving the financial issues in a divorce process.  We developed specific methodologies through years of performing these specialized matrimonial accounting services to produce effective and efficient analyses.  

Asset Tracing

In many cases there may be a question as to whether or not a spouse has hidden marital assets. We apply our predefined methodologies to the review of bank, brokerage, and other account statements in these engagements to trace separate and marital properties. 

Separate Property Analysis

We apply our separate property tracing analysis methodologies to financial assets that are in accordance with court case rulings to determine whether separate property has maintained its separate property nature or if it has been comingled with marital assets

Lifestyle / Expense Analysis

The marital standard of living may be a factor a court considers in assessing spousal support. We quantify historical expenses, allocate expense categories to each family member, and summarize the results by period of time.

Assessment of Income

Many businesses owners and certain types of employees have variable incomes that need to be quantified for spousal support and child support purposes. 

Employee Compensation Analysis

We analyze, describe, and appraise stock options, restricted stock units, benefits packages, severance benefits, bonuses, and various other forms of compensation for use by a court. 

Forecasting of Net Worth

The forecasted wages, Social Security income, investment income, expenses, retirement assets, and other factors are used in this type of analysis to assess the need for spousal support.  This type of analysis may be used by a court or for collaborative divorce purposes.

Forensic Accounting

We provide accurate financial analyses and investigations for divorces, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of assets, liabilities, expenses, and income to assist in the property division and assessment of spousal maintenance and child support.

Preparation of Statements of Net Worth

Precise documentation of personal financial information is often required by the court in divorce proceedings. We develop an organized and transparent overview of an individual's assets, liabilities, expenses, and income.

Expert Witness Testimony at Trial

Professional testimony from a financial expert at trial can be required. We deliver objective and credible financial analyses to help the trier of fact make informed decisions.

Divorce Settlement Schedules and Negotiation

We work with you to develop easy-to-understand settlement schedules to assist with negotiations and agreement drafting. 


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