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Services Offered:

  • Business Value Growth Planning

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Transition Planning

Through the application of a proven value development system, Equitable Value assists business owners in growing business value, acquiring other businesses, selling their businesses, and transitioning their business to employees or the next generation. 


Development System

Grow Business Value

The economies and industries of the world are changing at faster rates, creating the necessity for organizations to identify their key drivers of value, industry trends, and internal strengths and weaknesses to accelerate value creation for their organizations and key stakeholders. 

​Through experiences helping grow and sell companies and hundreds of valuations ranging from main street businesses to multi-billion dollar international organizations, Equitable Value has developed the Value Development System for businesses, not-for-profits, educational institutions, and other organizations.  

Value Development System:

1. Education

By providing an overview of business valuation, research on change management, and the key drivers of value, executives are armed with the required knowledge to grow organization value. 

2. Analysis

The internal organization, industry, and global trends are analyzed in this step.  The internal organization is evaluated in-depth to identify weaknesses that need to be addressed and strengths that are competitive advantages. The industry dynamics and forecasts are analyzed to identify threats and opportunities.  Trends within the industry and globally are also taken into consideration and compiled into a written analysis.  A baseline value of the organization may be measured in this step to assess future appreciation of value.      

3. Integration

In this step the employees and management are engaged in brainstorming sessions that take into consideration the analyses from the prior steps.  The key drivers of value are identified and the end result is a strategic plan to increase the organization's value.

4. Execution

The written strategic plan is put into action in this step with defined goals, timelines, and responsibilities. 

5. Measurement

During and following the execution of the strategic plan the goals are measured against actual results, and adjustments are made based upon real-time feedback.  A valuation may be undertaken to assess the appreciation in value of the organization relative to the baseline value. 

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